Expect what you inspect
Quality is built in Production, Tested in Q.C., and approved by Q.A.

We, at RMA, are committed to achieve full customer satisfaction and enhancing it. This commitment is shared by all our employees and is an integral part of the fundamental value system of our company. Our primary objective is the continual improvement of processes, services and systems through:

the method Six Sigma: set of tools and strategy designed to improve the quality of process output by identifying and removing the causes of defects, or errors, and minimizing variability in manufacturing and business processes;
optimization of the flow: we are implementing the “lean production”;
a strict monitoring of every phase of flow: from the raw material to the finish product;
storage methods and relative check records offer the greatest possible guarantee of product quality, integrity and traceability;
the warehouse is managed in accordance with FIFO standards;
audit on the finish product are done periodically.

Our quality system is based on the following pillars:

written procedures;
testing instruments of the last technology;
qualified operators always up to - date

Our processes, system are designed to meet the expectations of the customers, and thereby foster good partnerships with them.


Certification 9001 2015Certification 9001 2015